AstridTravel Essentials

We at Astrid Solo Travel Advisor believe that using quality products makes your solo trip less stressful and more enjoyable. The following “travel essentials” have been carefully selected by the Astrid Solo Travel Advisor team. This collection consists of products we have personally owned and loved, sustainable brands we are proud to support, and products we feel simply make life easier. We have put thought and consideration into selecting each one, and we are pleased to share these products with you. Click on an image to shop!

Disclaimer: Some of these images contain affiliate links, including to (Astrid Solo Travel Advisor is an Amazon Associate) which means that if you purchase a product through an affiliate link, Astrid Solo Travel Advisor receives a commission. This comes at no additional cost to you, and it helps keep this website running, and full of free ideas and tips!

Must-Have Travel Products

Everlane Travel Wallet

We are a huge fan of the company Everlane, as they stand for “exceptional quality, ethical factories and radical transparency”, all of which are hard to come by in today’s consumer society. When you buy a product from Everlane, you know exactly where it comes from and you can trust that it is made from materials that will last. This travel wallet is a beautiful product you can use repeatedly over the years.

Roll-Up Travel Jewelry Case

This leather, roll-up jewelry case by Mark and Graham is the perfect design for organizing your jewelry. It keeps necklaces from getting tangled, your earrings together in one spot, and anything else secured in zipped pouches. The rolled design conserves space, making this an easy item to toss into your luggage, carry-on or purse without worry. As an added bonus, you can even personalize this by adding a sleek monogram!

Bandolier Phone Case

Part cell-phone case, part cross-body purse! This phone cases by Bandolier is designed to fit iPhones only. It features two precision cut slots in the back to hold your credit card and driver's license, etc. If you intend to use this case for travel, we recommend buying one with a chain strap, as leather straps are more susceptible to be slashed and stolen.

BagSmart Travel Jewelry Organizer

Keep your smallest valuables safe, secure, and neatly organized while you're on-the-go in this Bagsmart Jewelry Case. This compact jewelry organizer is nice for when you need to carry a fair amount of jewelry with you on your travels. Keep track of all your belongings by staying organized with products like this.

Eagle Creek Packing Cubes 

Packing, unpacking and repacking a suitcase is one of the most annoying & often frustrating experiences for a traveler. Travel Packing Cubes significantly reduce clutter/hassle by helping you organize better.

Eagle Creek is one company that is committed to sustainability through the use of PVC-free and bluesign® certified materials.

Eagle Creek Money Belt

A money belt is not exactly the most exciting travel product, but a money belt is a safe way to store extra cash and your passport while on-the-go. This one by Eagle Creek (a company committed to sustainability) is a slim pack which is easily hid under clothing, yet is very spacious with plenty of room for your travel essentials.

Bucky “Blockout Shades” with Ear Plugs

This sleep mask provides total darkness and ultimate relaxation. The soft foam contours around your nose and eye sockets for gentle comfort that stimulates deep. This eye mask also comes with reusable earplugs which fit securely into convenient velcro pockets on the adjustable elastic headband.

“Bucky strongly believes in natural and sustainable products. Many of [their] products are filled with buckwheat seeds, buckwheat hulls or millet hulls.”

Bucky “40 Blinks” Sleep Mask

This sleep mask, also by Bucky, is called the “40 Blinks Sleep Mask” because its convex shape leaves room between the mask and your eye - meaning there is no pressure on your eye and room to blink. One can’t help but laugh at the mask’s description as a “bra for your eyes”, but rest assured, you won’t smudge your mascara with this one!

Electronics Accessory Travel Gear Case

The practical design of this case provides great flexibility for organizing your travel accessories. You can easily tuck this pouch in your purse, backpack, laptop bag, briefcase, or suitcase

This pouch is made of canvas and PU leather. The interior is made of soft felt-like fabric which prevents scratches.

Recycled Leather Journal

This journal is made by Ciak, and Italian company that creates all of its products, start to finish, in Florence. This journal uses recycled leather and acid-free, lined paper. It’s flexible and durable, and another great journal to throw into any bag and take along with you on all of your travels.

Lightweight Journal

Moo is a company that specializes in specialty, high-quality business cards and other printed products. The material they use is unbelievably soft and smooth. I recently discovered that they are making lightweight, silky smooth journals and though I have yet to purchase one, I am eager to get my hands on one! You have never felt paper this luxurious. This journal is easy to toss in your purse or carry on and perfect to have with you at all times to write down any fleeting thoughts and observations.

Digital Hanging Luggage Scale

Easy to carry and store, a luggage scale is an absolute must for me. I tend to overpack, so I like to be sure of whether or not my bag will make it onto the plane without outrageous fees. This digital luggage scale is easy to use, lightweight and worth every penny it might save you at the airport.

Worldwide All-in-One Travel Adapter

A travel adapter simply allows you to plug your US devices into another country’s wall outlet. This travel adapter has 4 international plug adapters and covers more than 150 countries with EU, UK and US/AU plugs. It also includes 4 USB ports and can easily be used with any smartphone, tablet or computer.

Travel Power Strip

If you will be needing to plug in multiple devices, a power strip with multiple plugins is a very handy tool to have. This one also comes with 4 plug adapters, so it is not necessary to buy an additional adapter.

Eco-Friendly Portable Charger

Prevent ever running out of battery by always carrying a portable charger with you when you travel! This one by Nimble can power your device to 80% in just 30 minutes, can charge 3 devices at once, and is made from eco-friendly material like corn and sugarcane.

TSA Approved Cable Luggage Locks

These durable luggage locks by Sure Lock are made of stainless steel, and the flexible cable lock means you can secure all kinds of luggage. These locks feature an easy, keyless combination and even include a button indicator that lets you know if TSA has inspected your luggage.

Hard Shell Luggage

Durable luggage is an absolute necessity when traveling alone. The last thing you need is a busted suitcase. I find that hard shell suitcases with 360° wheels are the most sturdy and maneuverable. I took my IT Luggage 3-piece set on an “Around the World” trip with me, and after being put to the ultimate test, I have found this brand to be excellent quality! Read my review here.

JOCO Glass Reusable Coffee Cup

If you intend to be consuming coffee on the go while traveling, consider investing in a reusable coffee cup. Most paper coffee cups are not recyclable because the insides are coated with a plastic polyethylene coating. This means that billions of coffee cups go into landfills every year. Do your part to combat the major waste problem in the world and try a reusable cup!

Glass Travel Water Bottle by bkr

You might think that glass water bottles can be a hassle to travel with, but bkr water bottles have been proven to withstand drops and crashes. Glass water bottles are better for the environment, and decrease your risk of exposure to harmful chemicals in (even reusable) plastic water bottles. The also do not effect the taste of your water as some metal reusable bottles can.

Baggu Resuable Shopping Bag

Rather than toting around your shopping haul in a cheap plastic single-use bag, take a reusable shopping bag with you on all your travels. You can use this bag to carry groceries, souvenirs, or anything you might come across along the way. It folds up nice and neatly, so you can easily stash it in your purse, backpack or carry on.

GoToob Soft Silicone Travel Bottles

These travel bottles are 100% BPA-free, PC-free, and Phthalate-free. The small, medium and large sizes are all TSA carry-on approved! There is no greater frustration than arriving at the airport and having to repack your liquids!

The silicone bottles are easy to squeeze, and their wide mouths make them easy to refill. The GoToob+ bottles feature a “loop lock” making them impossible to accidentally open - reducing the risk of spillage.