AstridTravel Favorites

The following is a curated list of products and brands that we, at Astrid Solo Travel Advisor have found to be useful, high quality, and stylish. As with our Travel Essentials, we have carefully considered each product and brand and only chosen the ones which we would be willing to buy ourselves. Click on an image to shop!

Disclaimer: Some of these images contain affiliate links, including to (Astrid Solo Travel Advisor is an Amazon Associate) which means that if you purchase a product through an affiliate link, Astrid Solo Travel Advisor receives a commission. This comes at no additional cost to you, and it helps keep this website running, and full of free ideas and tips!

Maho Shades

Maho sunglasses are crafted by hand using the world’s lightest and strongest polarized polyamide nylon lenses. Maho shades are reasonably priced, and come with free shipping, risk-free home try-on, free returns, and free exchanges. 

“We believe that just as sunglasses are tools for viewing nature, selling them can also protect it.  That’s why we’ve partnered with 1% For the Planet to donate a minimum of 1% of our sales to non-profits devoted to conserving natural places and habitats around the U.S." Save $5 on Maho Sunglasses with code ASTRIDTRAVELS

Anatomie Wrinkle-Free Travel Clothing

Packing and unpacking can be frustrating enough, and is only made worse when you find that all your clothes are horribly wrinkled. You could try “steaming” them while you take a hot shower, or ask you hotel to iron them, or you could try Anatomie’s wrinkle-free clothing. As Anatomie’s website states, “We exist to outfit the global traveler—and everyday adventurer—in the most comfortable and stylish performance apparel.”


Astrid has mentioned this brand numerous times in her packing videos, she’s even written a blog about them! Aerosoles shoes are great for travel, because they are comfortable and stylish - ensuring that you don’t stand out as a tourist. Having proper walking shoes as a solo traveler is very important, because you are more likely to feel fatigued and tired if your feet are fatigued and tired. These shoes are very well-designed and very affordable.

Travel Candle

Sometimes, when you check into your hotel, you might find that your room has an unpleasant or unfamiliar smell. Scent can have a strong effect on your emotions and mood, so you might find it helpful and comforting to fill your space with a pleasing or familiar smell. When traveling alone, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and feel very out of your element. However, this can be combatted easily with something as simple as a travel candle!

“rareEarth uses GMO-free soy and bees waxes from farms in the USA and all cotton wicks in [their] handmade candles”

Organic Rose Water Facial Spray

After a long day of traveling, my skin always feels either overly oily or overly dry. I have found that the perfect refresher is a little spritz of rose water. Rose water helps balance your skin, because it moisturizes while helping absorb excess oil. Rose is naturally anti-inflammatory, and I personally find the light scent very soothing. You can use any brand, but try and find a rose water without artificial ingredients.

*This rose water by Teddie Organics is all organic, and the only ingredient is 100% pure rose flower water.

Manduka Travel Yoga Mat

Maintaining your fitness while traveling is so incredibly important to both your physical and mental wellbeing as a solo traveler. When you feel less than 100% in your own body, you can’t be expected to fully embrace the newness and various challenges that come along with visiting a new place or culture. Taking a travel yoga mat along with you might encourage you to squeeze in a simple hotel room workout or stretch session.

This eKO mat by Manduka “is a natural yoga mat made from sustainably harvested tree rubber” and “no toxic chemicals have gone into the manufacturing process”