Introducing: Follow Your #SoloNOLA

For centuries, people have tried to put into words the enticement and magic of New Orleans. Even some of the greatest writers of all time - from Faulkner, and Tennessee Williams, to the city’s beloved John Kennedy Toole - have failed to truly capture the spirit of the city in words. Often times, descriptions are riddled with cliches of Bourbon Street, plastic beads, and “Naw’lins”.

New Orleans is more and we want to show you. This is why we here at Astrid Solo Travel Advisor are introducing a weekly blog series to offer real-life advice for the solo traveler on where to go in the Crescent City, how to get there, what to do when you arrive and much more. We want to introduce solo travelers to OUR New Orleans: to our favorite restaurants and bars, to our local fashion designers, to our unique neighborhood gems. We are here to help solo travelers looking for affordable luxury ideas move through New Orleans feeling confident, safe, inspired and engaged.

From Uptown to the Bywater, we will offer solo travel tips, tricks and advice to ensure a trip filled with affordable luxury and fun. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and even join in the conversation by using #SoloNOLA.