NOLA Brands We Love: Leontine Linens

Growing up in the south, I developed a special affinity for anything and everything monogrammed - especially linens and silver. Monogramed linens have become cherished heirlooms in my family, being passed down from generation to generation. Once a dying trend, New Orleans' Jane Scott Hodges is credited with reviving the art of couture linens for home, weaving a thread of the past into modern interiors.

Even though most solo travelers are not looking to purchase linens when they are vacationing or traveling to New Orleans for business, I am sharing this shopping tip about this one-of-a-kind linen boutique because it is so special. New Orleans is a city rooted in steep traditions of many sorts. Exquisite interiors with fine linens is one of those cherished practices. Thus, I wanted to let you know where to purchase some of this linen tradition if and when you are traveling solo to New Orleans.  

Monogramed Linens at Leontine Linens

In 1996, Jane Scott founded Leontine Linens in her cottage on Leontine Street in New Orleans. Jane Scott began selling linens out of her home and took the beautiful art of monograms and applique from the past and brought it to the interior design forefront. 

Jane Scott Hodges’ Lifestyle Philosophy

Jane Scott Hodges is known for her philosophy of incorporating heirloom quality luxury linens into every day life. Jane Scott believes that fine linens are meant to be used and enjoyed. More so, Jane Scott took the monogram's history and heritage driven concept and rejuvenated it with a modern sensibility. Leontine Linen's monograms incorporate unique styles and unexpected color.

Influenced by her Southern upbringing, Jane Scott was always fascinated with antiques and heirlooms. As she was preparing for her wedding, Jane Scott stumbled upon her own great grandmother’s trousseau in the cellar of her parents’ 1780s Kentucky farmhouse. Inspired by her discovery, Jane Scott sought out her very own bridal trousseau emblazoned with her new monogram.

Inspiration for Leontine Linens in New Orleans

After scouring the New Orleans shops and boutiques where she and her soon-to-be husband lived, Hodges was surprised and disappointed by the lack of custom fine linens, and thus she identified a need in the marketplace. Upon returning to Kentucky for her wedding, she discovered the Kentucky-based Eleanor Beard studio, an historic all-female company that since 1921, has hand-created linens known the world over for their superb quality. J

ane Scott began Leontine Linens to showcase their artisinal work. Shortly thereafter, in 2002, Hodges acquired Eleanor Beard Studio and has assumed the role of caretaker to the historic company.

In 2005, Leontine Linens opened up its flagship store on Magazine Street -3806 Magazine St # 3.  With its lavender chandeliers, butterfly murals and scented candles, Leontine Linens' 1,400-square-foot showroom feels as fresh as a clean sheet. There are cloud-soft towels made of 700-gram Turkish terry on display alongside monogrammed duvets.

Linens: For Every Room and Occasion by Jane Scott Hodges

Jane Scott Hodges authored Linens: For Every Room and Occasion (Rizzoli), which offers a comprehensive look at fine linens. Lavishly photographed by Paul Costello, the hefty volume touches on everything from the history of linens to their care, storage and use in situations ranging from daily baths to dinner parties. There's even a section on monogram etiquette.




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Author: Astrid Clements

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