How To Enjoy NYE as a Solo Traveler

Here at Astrid Solo Travel Advisor, we are no strangers to spending time alone. In fact, we are big proponents of it.

Traveling alone can lead you down a transformative path of self-discovery, and enrich your life in the most beautiful, unexpected ways. However, traveling alone during the holidays can feel rather underwhelming.

If you’re finding yourself traveling solo this New Year’s Eve, we suggest you take this time to think about what would make you truly happy. One of the most freeing aspects of solo travel is you don’t have to worry about anyone else. Find bliss in the fact that there are no disagreements to be had and no compromises to make; you can do what you want to do.

If you decide that spending the night in this year is right for you, here are some of our suggestions:

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1.     Read a good book.

2.     Take a bubble bath.

3.     Drink champagne. (Optional: Drink champagne in the bath)

4.     Dress in some beautiful pajamas.

5.     Watch your favorite move.

6.     Write in a journal and reflect on the past year.

7.     Start dreaming of some travel destinations you’d like to visit in 2019.


If you decide that you’d like to spend the night out this year, remember that, as a solo traveler, you should take all the proper precautions to remain safe.

1.     Limit the amount of drinks you consume.

2.     Ensure that you have reliable transportation to and from your destinations.

3.     Check and see if your hotel has an event planned and whether or not you would need to purchase a ticket. Attending an event at your hotel would be ideal, as it is likely the safest and easiest option.

Regardless of how you choose to spend this NYE, take some time to consider the lessons you have learned in the past year and the things you have to look forward to in the upcoming one. Astrid Solo Travel Advisor has big things planned for 2019, and we are looking forward to sharing them with you.

We hope you have a very safe and happy new year! Share your NYE ideas with us on social media and in the comments below!

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Author: Madeline Freret

Madeline joined the Astrid Solo Travel Advisor team as a Content and Digital Marketing Manager in 2018. She believes that traveling is an essential aspect of life that allows you to see yourself, other people, places and things in a new light. She is passionate about trying new things, having a curious mind and seeking joy wherever she goes. To read more about her and each one of our Solo Travel Advisors, head over to the About page!