Top 3 Oldest and Best Restaurants in the New Orleans French Quarter

The city of New Orleans celebrated it’s 300th year in 2018 which means centuries of recipes help make the Crescent City the great food city many of us know and love.

And who wouldn’t want to taste a bite of history while traveling solo? The three oldest restaurants in New Orleans all happen to be located in the historic French Quarter neighborhood. Get to know them all here:


Antoine’s is not only the oldest restaurant in New Orleans, but the entire country’s oldest family-run restaurant! With that comes tradition, and a great menu.

Established in 1840, the restaurant is in its 178th year of business. There’s even a long history behind each of the restaurant’s dining rooms, named after people, places, and things. Antoine’s serves lunch and dinner Monday through Saturday, and offers a jazz brunch on Sundays.

Cafe du Monde

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Those ever so slightly familiar with the dishes known for being found in New Orleans have heard of beignets, a sweet French pastry you can really eat at any time of day. Now with nine locations around Louisiana, Cafe du Monde’s delicious beignets can be enjoyed in their French Quarter location 24 hours a day, seven days a week -minus a few holidays throughout the year. There’s even a gift shop so you can bring a little souvenir home with you.


Photo by  rulenubmerone2  via  flickr.

Photo by rulenubmerone2 via flickr.

Founded in 1905, Galatoire’s is loved by visitors and locals alike for its Bourbon Street location and dining experience. They pride themselves on culinary customs and consistency, with items on the menu including oysters Rockefeller, sweetbreads, gumbo, and chicken creole. While the majority of the restaurant is owned by a Louisiana businessmen, it’s also partly owned and operated by descendants of founder Jean Galatoire.

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