Russian Superstition: Money in a Box


There is an old Russian superstition that money can transfer energy from the giver to the receiver. To prevent any negative energy from transferring from person to person, many Russians will not accept payment out of your hands. They will simply ask you to place your card or cash on a tray or in a box like the one pictured here. Russians believe that this act breaks the energy connection and makes the money safe to touch.

As peculiar as this behavior might sound, it is a good thing to be aware of if you ever visit Russia. Don’t be offended if someone refuses to take payment from you, understand that it’s just a part of their culture, and every culture has its quirks!

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Author: Astrid Clements

Astrid Solo Travel Advisor CEO and founder, Astrid, has spent over 40 years traveling around the world. She is passionate about embracing the world’s diverse cultures and sharing with others the global need and personal benefit of cultural literacy. Her focus is on affordable luxury travel that is both substantive and fun! To read more about her and each one of our Solo Travel Advisors, head over to the About page!