The AstridTravel Club is Now Accepting Members!

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Exciting News!

If you haven’t been keeping up with our periodic updates, we recently revealed a major project that we have been working on: The AstridTravel Club.

You can read an introduction to the AstridTravel Club here.

If you’re up to speed, you might know that this club is something we at Astrid Solo Travel Advisor have been working on for months. What you might not know, however, is that this club is something that has been “in the works”, so to speak, since the creation of Astrid Solo Travel Advisor.

The goal of Astrid Solo Travel Advisor has always been to equip, enable and inspire others to travel solo, and the AstridTravel Club is taking this goal one step further.

Our aim now, is to bring together a community of people who share an interest and appreciation for affordable luxury solo travel. As more people begin to travel alone and industry standards rise, the number of individuals interested in luxury solo travel that comes at a fair price is growing, and we intend to cater to this audience.

Here’s a brief overview of what we plan to offer through the AstridTravel Club (visit this link for more detailed info):

Cartagena de Indias; Photo via  Lonely Planet

Cartagena de Indias; Photo via Lonely Planet

Small Group Trips

Whether you are a seasoned solo traveler looking to mix-up your routine and connect with other like-minded travelers or you are a solo travel novice venturing out alone for the first time, AstridTravel Club Trips might be for you. Each of our trips have been hand-crafted by Astrid Clements, who has drawn upon decades of personal experience and her affinity for sniffing out the best of the best travel experiences to build one-of-a-kind, dream trips in true affordable luxury fashion.

AstridTravel Club Members will be the first ones invited to join all AstridTravel Club Trips. The first upcoming trips are:

Marrakesh, Morocco

Marrakesh, Morocco

  • October 2019: Our first AstridTravel Club Trip will take us to South America to experience the vibrant, colorful culture of Cartagena, Colombia.

  • December 2019: Our second trip will take us all the way to Africa to behold the exotic, Imperial City of Marrakesh, Morocco.

We couldn’t be more thrilled to be offering these culturally-immersive, exciting, enriching, luxurious, yet affordable trips to our new members. If you are interested in learning more about either one of these trips, please visit their respective pages by clicking the links above or through the drop-down menu under the AstridTravel Club tab.

The Online Forum

The AstridTravel Club is unlike the traditional “club” in the sense that we will not host regular physical meetings. Instead, will offer members of the AstridTravel Club the opportunity to come together virtually through the AstridTravel Club Forum.

Through this private, online forum, we aim to create a virtual meeting space where people can share their travel experiences with like-minded peers. This forum will be largely member-driven, and we hope to encourage our members to freely share their ideas, tales of solo travel triumph or even mishaps, favorite solo travel destinations, unforgettable hotels, secret restaurants across the globe, and more.

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We thank you for supporting Astrid Solo Travel Advisor and our goal of bringing affordable luxury travel to more people around the world!

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