Why Visit Russia? The Splendor of the Arts

The Richness of Russia Should Not Be Missed | Why I Love Russia

Many travelers overlook Russia as a travel destination because of the lack of awareness of Russia’s extremely rich and exciting culture. Not only is Russia much easier to visit than you might think, but it has a magical, exotic quality which has brought me back 4 times in the past 8 years. One of the most fantastical elements of Russia’s culture that keeps calling me back, is the splendor of the arts.

The Performing Arts

Tchaikovsky was one of Russia's most famous and beloved music composers. The music from the "Sleeping Beauty" ballet is some of his best work which was composed in 40 days. It premiered in St Petersburg's Mariinsky Theater in 1890. One of his most popular musical pieces from this ballet is the "Sleeping Beauty Waltz" which was the background music to Princess Aurora's 16th birthday celebration.

The Russian Ballet

Next Saturday evening I will be in the Mariinsky Theater attending the "Cinderella" ballet by another wonderful Russian composer, Sergei Prokofiev. On my last trip to Russia my private guide secured tickets for me to see "Esmerelda" performed by the Bolshoi Ballet troupe in Moscow at the magnificent Bolshoi Theater. That night was the highlight of my trip. I had never seen such "excellence" in the performing arts and I left the theater mesmerized by what I had just experienced. I am looking forward to next Saturday evening and enjoying my second Russian ballet.

The Visual Arts

The wide variety of visual arts to be seen in Russia from paintings to sculpture to architecture span centuries of magnificent creativity. Russians have an extreme passion and discipline about them which is reflected through their artwork. Each work of art is filled with depth, color and feeling.

Russian Art Tour

As a result of several life-changing and inspirational trips to Russia, I formed many close connections. These newfound contacts allowed me to become a part of a network of Russian professionals, experts and guides who aided me in the creation of a one-of-a-kind tour focused specifically on the Russian arts. In 2017, in partnership with the Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge, Astrid Solo Travel Advisor put together a week long art-filled tour of St. Petersburg which you can view here. This tour is one we intend to repeat, so look out for an upcoming 2019 tour of Russia.

For more Russian trip inspiration, watch this video which highlights some of the most beautiful architecture in Russia.

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The famous Mariinsky Theater

The famous Mariinsky Theater

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